Well said, Evan! I also find it interesting that although yes, Zoom is used as a substitute for ‘in-person’ meetings, I actually believe simply because we talk so much about Zoom now, everyone feels pressured to substitute any interaction with a video call. That’s something to be mindful of in itself. Let’s say if, before COVID, I met someone once a week and then texted daily, why would I replace this interaction with daily Zoom videos now? Just because this is something ‘trendy’ — and don’t get me wrong, Zoom is a great tool — it doesn’t make it right for every interaction. I personally don’t need to be on video to interact every single time, and more often than not, I find myself resorting to voice or even text only. This allows me to focus on other things as well and better structure my day. Just because we have a tool available, we shouldn’t blindly use it as our go-to. At least, that’s been my take on Zoom ever since this entire thing started.

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