One thing I’ve learned is never to try and legitimize activities we do that either ground us, bring us joy, or ones we deem important. And that looks vastly different for everyone. Remember: if it’s important to you, that’s all that matters; if it brings you joy, that’s all that matters; if it helps you rebalance, that’s all that matters. As long as you feel fulfilled and content with your choices, then you don’t ever have to validate them to anyone.

And I’d definitely add meditation to the list. I try to spend up to one hour meditating — although sometimes I fall asleep (still working on that). But I’ve found it an incredible way to gain clarity when faced with, quite frankly, an often chaotic world.

Exploring the intricacy of ideas and the human condition. Interests include culture, travel, marketing, design, and mental health. 📩 Linkedin @andreibiltan

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