I’d have to strongly disagree on this one Marilu. Without getting into too much detail, I believe actually that there has never been a better time to find someone who truly aligns with your values, ambitions, character, etc., thanks to our digital technology.

When you think about it, majority of people in the past didn’t marry out of love, they didn’t really date either; marriages were economical arrangements and people entered after dating for a few months, often at a very young age, with not much prior experience in dating others. That didn’t lead to many successful relationships. Yes, people stayed together longer — I agree — but not necessarily because they were happy.

I agree that online dating is abused; it’s often seen as a game since many people don’t treat others like they would in real life. It’s often inhumane.

That doesn’t make the technology wrong. The technology is actually incredible. You get to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, by any stretch of the imagination. And that makes it special.

It all comes down to what you put into it, how you go about doing it, how well you filter, and where your heart is. There has never been a better chance of finding love.

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