I love all your points, Joshua. Just one thing here, when you mentioned emotions are not guides, I actually believe they are one of our strongest guides. I feel ‘our gut’ always tells us right from wrong — and all it takes is really knowing ourselves well and making a conscious effort to listen. Most of the time, as you mentioned too, we deal with a lot of incomplete information so our emotions become important. I agree with the point of recognizing extreme emotions (e.g. infatuation) and regulating them, but even those are ‘guides’ to some extent. Everything you feel actually tells you something. We need to really just sit in the emotion and make sense of it, so it can guide us to a better self. Just my reflection on that little bit.

Exploring the intricacy of ideas and the human condition. Interests include culture, travel, marketing, design, and mental health. 📩 Linkedin @andreibiltan

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