From Customer Service to Hospitality

Every company, irrespective of industry, could benefit from acting like a hospitality leader

Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels

Service ought to be unobtrusive for the most part, anticipating what people wanted before they asked for it, yet also responsive to any request they made. — César Ritz

Position your staff as agents, not gatekeepers. An agent makes things happen for others, while a gatekeeper sets up barriers to keeping people out. — Danny Meyer

Service is the technical delivery of a product, while hospitality is how the delivery of that product makes its recipient feel. — Danny Meyer

Every company — irrespective of industry, every employee — irrespective of role (customer-facing or not) can reflect on how they can show more hospitality in their work. Cultures of hospitality don’t need to live within hospitality businesses; they should live within every business.

There’s no greater priority than attending to our customers and stakeholders.

The essence of hospitality is a focus that goes beyond service fundamentals and taps into forming emotional connections born out of humbleness, empathy and integrity.

Exploring the intricacy of ideas and the human condition. Interests include culture, travel, marketing, design, and mental health. 📩 Linkedin @andreibiltan

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